35W track light

35W track light

Model: A14A


35W Track Light A14A floodlight

Details of Parameter

Product description:  Manual zoom dim LED floodlight track light
Article No.:  A14A
Power:  35W
Color temperature:  2700K/3000K/4000K adjustable
Beam angle:  15°/24°/36°/60°
CRI:  ≥90
Body size:  φ90*H188mm
Installation method: Tracking
Rated Voltage:  85-264V/50-60Hz
Power factor:  0.92
Power efficiency:  90%
Life-span:  50000H
Warranty:  3 years
Working temperature:  -10°~40°
Working humidity:  15%~50%
Same Series for optional
Description:  Manual zoom track light Description:  Manual zoom track light  
Article No.:  B11A Article No.:  B12A  
Body Size:  φ68*H138mm Body Size:  φ68*H178mm  
Power:  10W~15W Power:  18W~24W  
Color temperature:  2700K~6000K Color temperature:  2700K~6000K  
Beam angle:  15°~50° Beam angle:  15°~50°  
CRI ≥ 90 CRI ≥ 90  

Track light series A and B
Manual ceiling zoom track light Manual Zoom+Dim track light Remote control zoom+dim+adjustable color temperature track light
Article No.:  B11B Article No.:  B13B Description: B13D
Power:  10W~15W Power:  20W Power:  20W
Color temperature:  2700K/3000K/4000K Color temperature:  2700K~5000K Color temperature:  2700K~5000K
Beam angle:  15°~50° Beam angle:  15°~50° Beam angle:  15°~50°
Size:  φ68*H138mm  custom Size:  φ68*H178mm   custom Size:  φ68*H178mm   custom
CRI ≥ 90 CRI ≥ 80 CRI ≥ 80
Inner driver track light Track light with electric box Ceiling track spotlight
Article No.:  A11A Article No.:  A11C Article No.:  A11B
Power:  6W~13W Power:  6W~13W Power:  6~8W
Color temperature:  2700K/3000K/4000K Color temperature:  2700K/3000K/4000K Color temperature:  2700K/3000K/4000K
Beam angle:  15°/24°/36°/60° Beam angle:  15°/24°/36°/60° Beam angle:  15°/24°/36°/60°
Size:  φ52*H138mm  custom Size:  φ52*H138mm  custom Size:  φ52*H138mm  custom
CRI ≥ 90 CRI ≥ 90 CRI ≥ 90

Features of Function

Light Distribution
Light Color

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